Our company


Began in Bogota, Colombia with the entrepreneurial vision of

Fernando Padilla García

Founded as a sole proprietorship, it was dedicated from its beginnings to the manufacture, design, and service of plastic packaging, as well as the development of machinery and tools for the sector. Over time, the company grew, incorporating two members of the Padilla Ochica family, along with two key collaborators. This period was fundamental, laying the foundations for what would become a leading company in its industry.


First major contract

marked a significant milestone with the signing of the first major contract with the Colombian-French company LEGRAND. This achievement demonstrated the company’s capacity and potential in the market, thus opening doors to future opportunities and strategic partnerships.


Negotiations with

Johnson & Johnson Colombia

As the decade progressed, in 2004, Fernando Padilla García began negotiations with the multinational company S.C. Johnson & Johnson Colombia for the production of packaging for their product lines, further consolidating its position in the sector.


Transformation moment

the company underwent a significant transformation by becoming PADIPLAST LTDA, reflecting its growth and maturity as an organization. Under the leadership of Fernando Padilla García, his wife, and three of his children, the company acquired its first warehouse, marking a significant event in its trajectory.



Expansion continued in 2006 with the arrival of Ferrero from Ecuador S.A to PADIPLAST LTDA, seeking packaging services for its product lines. This was a turning point that led to the introduction of conditioning service in the company. Successful negotiations began with the multinational company Eveready for blister production and conditioning for its battery and machine products. In addition, key contracts were signed with leading companies such as C.I. Super de Alimentos S.A. and Reckitt Benckiser Colombia S.A.

2008 - 2011

Acquiring our second warehouse

The growth continued in 2008 with the acquisition of the second working warehouse, highlighting the exponential growth experienced at that time. In the following years, PADIPLAST LTDA continued to increase its client portfolio and strategic partnerships, signing contracts with prominent companies such as PEGATEX S.A. in 2009, Multidimensionales in 2010, and L’oréal Colombia S.A. in 2011.


Renewing our identity

In 2012, the company experienced another significant milestone by becoming PADIPLAST S.A.S and renewing its identity, thus marking a new chapter in its history. That same year, began the blister production for recognized brands such as Today and Chapstick began, demonstrating the adaptability to meet the needs of the constantly evolving market.


Infrastructure expansion

Throughout the following years, PADIPLAST S.A.S continued to expand its infrastructure with the acquisition of a third warehouse in 2013.


Immeasurable loss

the family and the company faced an immeasurable loss with the passing of Fernando Padilla García, but his legacy, vision, and values continued to drive the success and philosophy of the company. That same year, Fernando Padilla’s son assumed the management of the company.

2015 - 2020


In the subsequent years, PADIPLAST S.A.S continued to strengthen its position in the market with key partnerships with leading companies such as 3M Colombia S.A, Del Cerro S.A.S, and Altipal S.A.S in 2015, 2018, and 2020 respectively.


Vision to the future

Today, the company has a talented team and two own plants equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing it to offer a wide range of high-quality services to national and multinational companies. With solid strategic alliances and continuous investment in specialized assets, PADIPLAST S.A.S is positioned to continue leading the market and expanding its presence in the future.


We are a company specialized in the production of packaging and plastic solutions, dedicated to providing comprehensive high-quality packaging. We stand out for our excellent service, backed by a highly trained and competent team that actively contributes to environmental sustainability. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, cultivating their loyalty and retention through excellence in all our processes and products.


By 2025, Padiplast S.A.S. will be a nationally and internationally certified company, distinguished by our high-quality processes, environmental management, exceptional customer service, and efficiency. We will be leaders in the thermoformed plastics industry, setting new standards of excellence and innovation, and consolidating ourselves as reliable partners, delivering timely and effective packaging solutions.

Corporate Values


We work towards conducting our work ethically and professionally, standing out for our honesty and integrity with our products and services.


Our goal is to provide solutions from the accompanying requirement, committing our highest human quality and effectiveness, thus ensuring customer satisfaction for the loyalty and retention of each one of them.


We advance cutting-edge processes to constantly create timely and suitable solutions for every need, hand in hand with technology and new trends for our customers while caring for the environment.


We work committed to friendly and respectful communication for both internal and external customers, with a collaborative work environment in favor of joint contribution of knowledge and information, fostering the achievement of common goals.


Our fundamental axis is the commitment to our internal and external customers, standing out for trust, timeliness, and responsibility in every process.

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